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Tamasha Live

Gustakhi Maaf introduces a special segment called Tamasha Live

we examine how fair and fearless our present day media really is, and what 'being an iconic journalist' means off the record.

Presenting the face of the fourth estate, the king of hashtags and shouting matches, the sensational (and sensationalist)  Ashutosh Mukherjee. #youbetterwatchit

Khullam Khullaâ„¢

Khullam Khulla™ ! A Fun, educational and musical space for kids! Originally a Television series and now online!

Doctors On Call

The show imparts knowledge on healthcare awareness, preventing disease, early detection and treatment, education, cardiology, neurology etc.


'Killer' Litchi The Cause Of Mystery Deaths In Muzzarfarpur


Alzheimer Dementia And Psychosomatic Disease 


Indians Are More Prone To Hepatic Steatosis Or Fatty Liver Disease