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About me

In my early twenties, I realized that I wasn’t interested in the rat-race. Not that I wasn’t meant for it or that I was intimidated by it. But I just wasn’t interested, amused or captivated by it. I don’t think anyone is. But I realized I am a little bit of a “non-believer” in the system – a going against the flow type. THAT has governed where I’ve headed in life and what has been key to a lot of decisions in the professional and personal space for me.

After a brief stint in the fashion and textiles industry, I ventured into a realm that was unknown to my DNA. I spent two years working with an N.G.O called Pravah in Delhi which made me travel to number of interesting places. Meeting people, working among them and seeing the immediate gratification that that kind of work brings with it, gave me the sort of direction that a 20 year old often needs. I did two fellowship projects. At Pravah, I had the opportunity to work through the Indo German Social Service Society which gave me the unique chance, then (and a obsession, since) to interact and engage at a personal level with traditional puppeteers from Rajasthan at Social Work and Research Centre, Tilonia in Rajasthan, India. Working among local communities , designing puppets and doing puppet shows highlighting various local issues was the focus of my work.

Through my work I aimed to address environment related issues using storytelling and puppetry. I worked closely with Anurupa Roy at Katkatha, a contemporary puppet theater trust. I continue to support Pravah in an advisory role and am part of the advisory board alumni for the NGO.

Being a puppeteer allows you to feel “in control” – God-like. It has taken me and my work to stalwarts like Dadi Pudumjee, Ranjana Pandey, Varun Narain and Puran Bhatt among others. I have worked across forms like contemporary puppetry, traditional Indian (Rajasthani) puppets and Indonesian Wayang Kulit (the ancient Indonesian art of shadow puppets). I also had the opportunity to represent India(supported by ICCR) at International Performing Arts Festivals at Brighton(U.K) and Singapore. I have since participated in a shadow theater workshop sponsored by Goethe Institut, Delhi.

I believe that the knowledge and skill-share based workshops for students from different discipline are the key to reviving and sustaing an art form. In the year 2020 I made an introductory module for short term and longterm lecture or workshop on Introduction to traditional and contemporary puppetry. My first lecture was done at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India.

I was with NDTV for 14 years, as a Supervising Producer for the prime time political satire using puppets, The Great Indian Tamasha and Gustakhi Maaf. The shows and team have won several awards, including the Hero Honda Award and Asian Television Awards. I also served as Business and Project Developer for the NDTV Puppet Factory which was a part of the NDTV network.

Co-founded the leading Indian rock band, Menwhopause, we released anE.P - 'The story begins' ,1st album - 'Home' ,2nd album - 'Easy'  was released on EMI Virgin Records in 2011. 3rd album - neondelhi 

These albums were my body of work containing acoustic guitars and an assortment of instruments, folk as well as digital. i continue to work on several thought streams and projects about music and visual art , my debut release 'The wild blue yonder' was released in August 2020 on all music platforms.

At present i am a visiting faculty at AJK Mass Communication Research Centre , JMI University , New Delhi , India. I teach  the students studying Animation courses, on how to use a Digital Audio Workstation, to do basic and advance sound design for films and other audio visual mediums. I recently concluded a special lecture on Traditional and Contemporary puppetry in India and worldwide at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. A small introduction for students studying architecture to be able to include the art of storytelling in a bigger scheme of things. 

I am a certified Music Therapist , i wanted to dwell more in using music and frequency's intervention in healing. I continue to research and study the role of music, sound, acoustics and noise in human cognition and cognitive behaviour.